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You sound like you want money. Go away

Are you getting these call? “Your warranty includes your car is about to expire“

”your student loan is due”. Ugh

now, I’m getting texts “Lami, (not anywhere near my actual name) your Netflix payment failed. click here to immediately rectify this problem“.

so, I send them texts that they should be ashamed of themselves and then send them articles on honesty from Which makes me ecstatic.

Now, today, I return home to three messages from local numbers leaving me messages that I am about to be arrested for owing money to the IRS.

I received a phone call after returning home that my Apple Cloud has been compromised.

So apparently I am a top secret spy who has to be afraid of my thirty photos of my dog scampering through the countryside. Because there is nothing else on my Apple Cloud.

My question is this. Do people actually fall for this nonsense? How do the scammers look at themselves in the mirror? How do they face their family and friends knowing the Dominos they are eating for supper is paid for with money they stole from a retired grandmother terrified her house is going to be taken away because she made a mistake on her taxes? Long run on sentence but you get what I am saying right?

Wouldn't it be easier to get a job? Wouldn't you have more self respect if you got a job and earned the money to pay for these things? How would you feel if one of your loved ones was scammed?

I am also seeing a lot more people panhandling. I can understand if they have been fallen on hard times. I am tempted to tell them about the social programs in our area.

But I have noticed that all of the people in my area that are begging have better phones, shoes, haircuts and clothes than I do. The women have their nails professionally manicured.

I don't have manicured nails. I do my own nails. and then, like every other self respecting neurotic I pick off my nail polish when I am stressed. which is usually immediately after my nails dry.

maybe I am doing it all wrong. maybe I need to find a piece of cardboard, a corner and time to waste.

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