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You’re still the one

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Remember Wilma? she lives with the Sanka drinking man in the window (Frank). I looked in on them today.

Their kids just visited. Max and Stacy live in Ohio

with their two kids. the kids are in junior high, so they’re at that absolutely impossible age. Wilma didn’t even try to relate. Frank took them for a walk but they weren’t interested in anything not on their phones. Frank tried to teach them Parcheesi but he wasn’t entirely sure how to play himself so that didn’t go very far.

Wilma tried to talk to Stacey but she really doesnt like Stacey. she never has. Stacey stole her baby boy and drug him to Ohio. Sheesh Wilma cut the cord already.

anyway Max and his dad changed the oil in the car and discussed some home improvements Max is planning. Frank Jr and his wife, Emily, are coming next week. I’ll see if I can find out something for you all. wilma made butter cookies and sent them home with the kids. they didn’t eat them. you know, carbs. Don’t tell Wilma, it’ll just irritate her more.

the thing is.....the unhappy visit just enforced to both Wilma & Frank as well as Stacey & Max, that they’re happy together. they’re willing to face anything together. and in the end, that’s pretty good. goodnight everyone

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