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You must write a post everyday

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

There’s nothing like an ultimatum to make me rebel. Especially when the person issuing the ultimatum is significantly younger than I am.


I met with my social media manager and considered firing him. He criticized my grammar, said one of my posts was “depressing” and then proceeded to order me to write a blog post everyday and take photos everyday. “it’s your full time job. 40 hours a week. You need to get serious“.

this, in turn, caused me to inform him his nails are too long. I later dismissed him from my home WITHOUT the lasagna.

and then I didn’t write a blog post or take photos for two days.

I did do HIS job. I changed my font on my website. I removed extra photos he had uploaded to my website gallery. I added a different domain and set up emails for that domain. in related news we are changing the domain name and website. we researched #midwestisbest and miswestisbest without the hashtag is owned by a guy in New York city. so, I don’t want to be affiliated with someone else and steal his identity. I mean, New York is associated with the midwest as often as Greenland is associated with the Bahamas.

I’d hate to make him feel uncomfortable. so, I reached out to a friend and she did some brainstorming and came up with a new option.

we live in the Midwest. the Midwest is The Heartland. we are at home here. so, it makes sense that we are At Home In The Heartland.

Now, let’s be realistic, despite all my rebellion, I have to leave it up to the social medis manager to fix all the big stuff. his lasagna is in my fridge. don’t tell my son

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