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You made who Lasagna???

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

My son send me a text “your mobile website looks like hot garbage“.

this causes me to send texts to my friends saying “my son texted me ‘your mobile website looks like hot garbage’”. this caused a couple of reactions. from my friends with websites “oh no!!! What happened to my website ????” And it took at least one phone call and several texts to my friends with websites to reassure them that their websites are still delightful. it is MY mobile website that looks terrible. which made them laugh nervously because all the adrenaline had built up and they were still trying to recover.

my friends who don’t have websites said “you have a website? why is it bad?”

and I have to say, yes, my mobile website is in need of adjustment. which is what I told my son when I talked to him. he, in turn, would like me to fire my social media manager.

I replied,”in order to fire my social media manager I’d have to pay them. As it stands they work for lasagna. my son was much more displeased that I made lasagna for this person than paid them cold, hard cash.

“you haven’t made me lasagna for two years!”

”well, last time I made you lasagna I found the mold covered remains of the lasagna in your truck when I borrowed the truck“.

somehow, this started an argument about lasagna remnants and the mobile website was forgotten. I never got that Tupperware back from the last time I made my son lasagna.....

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