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Vinny is in trouble

I’m sitting here at my client’s kitchen table when I see Vinny run by. I look at the clock. 8:15am. Not good Vinny. Not good. It makes me wonder if Ralph had a poker game after work last night and the guys lost track of time.

That means George, Frank, Ron and Harry are also scurrying home with worry on their minds.

These guys are all typically home by sunrise. Even in winter, day after the longest night of the year, it is well past day break here in the heartland.

It’s overcast today and I have every light on at my client’s house. If we can’t stimulate our neurons naturally I’ll adjust and run up the electric bill. Seasonal Affective Disorder might have only been “discovered” this century but we have long known we feel better when it is sunny and warm. We all need vitamin D. We probably don’t make it from these 60watt bulbs but it still makes me feel better to have some light.

as opposed to Jacki, who is probably tapping her foot waiting for Vinny right now. I hope he took the groceries home before poker. I didn’t see him carrying anything as he ran by me. Does that mean he lost his night‘s work?

Vinny is an opossum. North America’s marsupial. He scavenges at night. Don’t try to come at me with “ewwww gross”. I‘m probably the last person you can whine to about opossums. They’re a natural enemy to rats, snakes & roaches. Even if they don’t do anything else that makes them tops in my book. oh! They make terrible messes in my dog's outdoor water bowl. No, that’s Ralph. He’s a raccoon. They have to wash everything before they eat it. He’s also who stole your cat food. Well, Vinny likes cat food too. So, that's a toss up.

”He chewed holes in my trash can”. Again, more likely Ralph. Or even Harry and George. they’re squirrels. They are terrible at chewing through things to get access to their food. And they dig up my flower bulbs and chew through my electric cords. We aren’t really friends. The squirrels have a mafia you know.....seriously. It’s a scary thing.

But, back to Vinny, and Ralph. they're nocturnal. so that makes me very nervous that Vinny was scampering through the back yard during day light hours.

I'm just hopeful it was a late day poker game

and I hope Jacki forgives him.

I'll keep you updated.

I know you're concerned now

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