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My town

My imagination is like a Norman Rockwell painting. Except there are all colors of people in my villages. No one has a tattoo of hate on their face. Everyone loves each other and they all fly kites on windy days.

I truly love everyone. I don’t love all their decisions. But, as long as you don’t hurt someone, I can overlook some of your weirdnesses.

Here is an example: In my imagination everyone lives in villages, not big cities. If you don’t want a house to take care of you can live in an apartment at Mr and Mrs Jones’ place. They usually have small affordable apartments. small dog or cat allowed. No water beds.

everyone in my town goes to the same grocery store. If you want something unusual you can ask the grocer and he’ll order it. If you’re going to regularly want it he will add it to the order to keep it in stock. Everyone talks to their neighbors as they do yard work. When your tree gets struck by lightning or needs trimmed you all get together on a Saturday afternoon to do the work together. Afterward you have a fire and roast marshmallows. Jerome is really good at sharpening knives, saw, lawnmower blades. He’ll do it for you in his garage, just ask.

pretty much everyone has a vegetable garden and six chickens in their backyard. Men play checkers at the barber shop while waiting their turn for a hair cut. The older boys rake Mrs MacGillicuddy’s leaves for her. (Mr MacGillicuddy is in the field harvesting the crop).

The spinsters are at Miss Olivia‘s sewing and watching “Madame Secretary“ reruns on Netflix.

All the ladies take turns having Mrs Malloy do their hair. She has a salon at her house. The children play in her backyard with her children while she takes care of your split ends.

Mrs Lewis has the dress shop. She won’t let you leave looking bad. She tends to be a little sharp in her speaking but you get used to it.

No hate, no screaming, No one leaves their dog chained up outside all night. No crime. no meanness at all.

come sit in my imagination anytime you like. we have a picnic coming up. I make the best potato salad and there are always enough deviled eggs to go around.

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