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They had one job

I had an experience recently that made me pause. I ordered a sandwich without onions and pickles. This sandwich is from a fast food establishment so time is of the essence, I realize. Things are overlooked. They are in a rush. I understand.

Except the box I received my sandwich in had a large white sticker with red print stating "NO ONIONS NO PICKLES". so, at some point the person who placed my sandwich in the box had to have seen the sticker. and realized there were a LOT of onions on this sandwich.

I understand, people have bad days. Things happen

the next day I was with my son at a local fast food restaurant, again, in the drive-thru. We don't have any other option at this time, in this part of the country.

My son requests his sandwiches plain. Which I think would be the easiest option possible. protein product on bread. done.

With this in mind I was very surprised to find receipt of sandwiches with LOTS of ingredients, more than typically come on the sandwiches. The sandwiches are wrapped in their standard wrapper, they have the white sticker with red print "PLAIN" but the sandwiches inside the wrappers both are covered in condiments, and lettuce, AND CHEESE which is not typically on these sandwiches. So, I sit politely at the drive thru window until the cashier returns to the window and then I say, "these were supposed to be plain. they have stuff on them" and hand them back to the cashier. He opens the wrappers, opens the sandwiches, looks at the sandwiches, shows his manager the sandwiches and then places both sandwiches in the garbage. I saw him put them in the garbage. He asked me to pull forward so they could make fresh sandwiches. I pull forward, he runs to the window a few minutes later. He hands me two sandwiches, again wrapped with "plain" stickers. I open the sandwiches, again covered in condiments and cheese.

THIS time it was a different outcome. This time my son goes INTO THE RESTAURANT. I would have thought this by itself would have gotten the attention of the workers at the restaurant as we are currently not allowed in restaurants. nope. they ignored him. which is disheartening as he was already in a bad mood.

He gave them back their sandwiches which they threw in the garbage on top of the other sandwiches resting there and prepared him new sandwiches. so, that's a total of six sandwiches we have now dealt with to get the food correct.

what saddens me most, if my son, an EMT, had messed up like that, someone could have died.

but the people making sandwiches at the restaurant make more per hour than my son. My son who literally saves peoples lives.

I'm going to go eat ice cream and return to making my food at home. I can't afford fast food anymore.

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