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They done shot my shins off

This is what my son has said to me for years whenever we go anywhere and I have to do any walking. I’m a bit crabby, and slow, and I kind of wobble instead of walk. Frankly, I’m a delight to be around. A completely delight.

So, when my son and I were watching “King of the Hill“ reruns and we saw “Cotton“, he was firm this is what I look like when walking.

Oh, I’m also short.

I am so short that my son would use my head as an arm rest if we were standing next to each other. My son is not unusually tall.

Recently I developed horrific pain in one of my feet. I mean unbearable. I sought medical attention, which is unusual for me.

Initially the medical provider I consulted said I had some terrible disease that would require extensive surgery and wheelchair use for several months.

Well, even with my new found inability to multitask that was not going to work in my life.

I consulted a different physician who said, "I don't see anything wrong here, but you can see a podiatrist if you like".

Well, I like.

I saw the podiatrist and he said, "your right foot is a lot shorter than your left foot, this is why you walk like you do. That's also causing damage to both of your feet because it's causing unnatural strain to your feet".

So, now I get to participate in physical therapy several times per week. I get to wear these funky wraps to my feet and put a lift in my right shoe.

For the first time in a very long time (think.....since birth), my feet don't hurt.

I remember walking with my mom at the mall when I was seven years old and my feet hurt. it's always been difficult to find shoes for me because my feet hurt ALL THE TIME.

Now, my feet don't hurt.

I am still a slow walker.

I am still short.

But, perhaps someday........I won't wobble when I walk.

My son will have to come up with a different quote about me.

I can't wait

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