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Such a puzzle

Fire breathing dragon has been doing a lot of barking lately. my neighbors can attest it is a LOT OF BARKING. Here you can see him taking a break from barking, much to everyone’s relief. I live in this same world you live in, so, I have security cameras at both entrances.

I don’t use these security cameras to monitor the dangerous behavior of strangers in the worId. I usually use these cameras to monitor the squirrel mafia in the front entrance and my fire breathing dragon in the back.

I have a number of stories about the squirrel mafia. They are fierce and honestly can be terrifying . I think they’re the reason behind the barking. However, today I am not really focused on the squirrels. I have noticed a peculiar pattern of behavior in my dragon.

Every month I receive a box of goodies for my dragon from Bark Box (not an endorsement but they are fantastic!!!) Dragon will excitedly hop around while I open the box. He devours the beef stick/jerky that is usually in there. Then he inspects the toys. He is careful in his inspection. Have you seen those guys that are selecting a cigar? Dragon is kinda like that in his selection process. He sniffs all the toys, turns them over and then carefully, and I do mean carefully, he selects one with his front teeth only. He then runs off with selected toy and attempts to murder it viciously. He tears at it. He throws it in the air. He wrestles it to the ground as if it is fighting back. He throws it away and then runs away from it as if it is a ticking bomb. BACK HE RACES to the toy. slamming, tearing, biting, ripping, fuzz starts to emerge from the surface tears.

And that is when the weirdness occurs.

He takes it outside. to the back patio. and he carefully places it on the patio and leaves it there.

He will never bring it back into the house.

I don't know if it has betrayed him in some way? Has it hurt his feelings? Is he disappointed in the toy? I have no idea. I have brought the toy back inside and he takes it back out. He only does this to the first toy of the each month's selection. The other toys are safely saved in the house until they are shredded beyond recognition. When I try to throw away the toys he will retrieve them from the trash and hide them in his bed.

But that first toy every month is laid out on the patio. Is it an offering to the Toy Gods of Bark Box?

NO idea........until next month.

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