Stop Taking pictures from your car

My son is one of my biggest fans. He's also a fair critic.

"What's happening here?" he asks about one of my pictures.

"What? I like that. It was such a pretty day. That barn just glowed in the bean field. The sun was perfect", I reply.

"MOM, why is the road in the picture?"

"I think it frames it nicely, it makes you feel like you're driving by and glance over at the barn and take a deep breath and relax. I like it"

"You were being lazy. GET OUT OF THE CAR and take pictures. You want these pictures to be everywhere. All over the world. Do you really want people in India to see our crappy country roads?"

"Well, ummmm, Yes I do. I want everyone to see our lovely Midwestern roads. I want them to hear the bump under their tires. I want them to feel the gravel beneath their feet. I believe it's part of the appeal".

"You're making excuses for not getting out of the car. Get out of the car, take your pictures and get back in."

"Whatever, I'll just edit the road out",

"You don't edit your photos. You don't use filters. You say that's your "appeal".

"Well, yes, I feel like filters and editing are lies, but I will edit out the road".

"Mom, you take beautiful pictures. They should be on the wall. Wait, why aren't your pictures on your walls?"

"Now, why on earth would I put my pictures on my walls? that would be bragging. I don't want to be like that. boastful people are atrocious".

"According to that logic you shouldn't be making books, or posting your pictures on the internet".

"You're right, I'll stop immediately".

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I'm dealing with a crazy person".

See? My son is a supportive person. What would I do without him?

But, my friend who says I leave people dazed and confused might have a point..........

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