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Return to my Happy Town

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I haven‘t been chatty recently. I’m not sure what’s wrong, I just don’t feel social. it’s not an election thing. It’s not about hung I can put my finger on, but. It might have something to do with the increased violence in my vicinity. I was driving to a friend’s house and encountered a shooting. I’m accustomed to shootings. but not on the road while I’m driving to a friend‘s house. so. I’ve decided to return to my happy place. My town. I was shopping with a different friend and find this puzzle. I didn’t allow myself to purchase it because my dragon enjoys eating puzzle pieces.

the thing that amazed me is THIS IS MY TOWN!

I wonder if I saw this town and built my town a

it is obviously snowing in my town in this picture. snow is delightful. Ice, no. Ice is only beverages or preserving food for picnics. We never have ice on the roads or walkways. no danger of slipping or accidents. isn’t that nice?

we always have sufficient ice for beverages. I left my town for a time & journeyed to a land where no one used ice in their beverages. it was a terrible place. actually, it was a delightful place, except for the beverage situation. I’d return anytime at all. Now, I know I will not have ice for beverages but can get green peas just about anywhere I’d like to go. anyway. Back to my town. when it snows we all take the day off work to help each other shovel the walks and the roads are nicely plowed. once all the walkways are cleared we have snowball fights and mske snowmen. No rocks in the snowballs. That’s just nasty business. you’ll get a time out for sure.

we usually nap in the afternoon after all this activity and have stew and warm rolls with butter. my town is unique in that no one has allergies. so, no special diets needed.

after all this activity and some board games in the evening with cocoa bu the fire we will retire for well earned sleep. Tomorrow it will be back to work if it doesn’t snow! see you in the morning nighty night

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