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My Friends Are Amazing

I wrote about my imaginary town last week. It was a nice vacation and I am considering writing about my town more often. maybe, weekly, not sure. I would take a poll but I am the only person that visits this website for the most poll of one isn’t really a poll is it?

The first paragraph doesn’t really match the title of the post. I’m getting there.

I have the best friends. They’re incredibly supportive. they were willing to pay $60+ for my book on Amazon just to be supportive. I wouldn’t allow them to buy my book. I said they could support me by buying the Ebook and then we would all know they had the book, no one killed a tree and I felt supported. oh and the Ebook costs a tenth (is it a tenth? $6 vs $60 in my poor math skills is a tenth....isn’t it? 60/6 is 10....).

none of them have purchased the Ebook either, probably because I gifted most of them with the actual paper book. well, the ones who know I have a book. that’s the other thing. Only a few of my closest friends know I have a book. and of those friends even fewer know about my blog. Which was designed to draw people in to my amazingness so they would Hunger and thirst for my books. But, I’m not wildly successful at drawing people in....yet.

so, back to my incredibly supportive and amazing friends who don’t visit my blog or know I have a book.

They really are wonderful. I could call any of them at a moment‘s notice and they would drop everything to help me. I know this because they have.

They remember that Halloween is my least favorite day of the year and they work hard to distract or amuse me on that day. EVERY YEAR.

what's more, they remember WHY Halloween is the worst day of the year. and they're sensitive to that reason.

every year

my friends threatened my life last year because I had pneumonia and we thought I had a "dreaded disease" but I only had pneumonia. I couldn't settle down. I couldn't stay still. they wanted to me nap and drink soup and tea and nap and frankly I had never been more wired without steroids. but they kept after me to rest.

my friends stick up for me when people are hateful

my friends remember my favorite colors, foods and songs.

my friends support me emotionally and socially and well they're just about the best Playtex cross your heart bra of friends


and they don't even make noises about finding said blog

so. I suppose I will continue to write stories and post my photos for my own satisfaction.

but seriously, I have the absolute best friends in the world

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