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This is my "Johnny Depp House" picture. It is in my book. It is one of the few photos I actually talk to you directly. Most of my photos have a quick quote from a song or the thoughts that occur to me when I look at the picture. This one, I tell you the story behind the picture.

I was sitting at a friend's house last night and she "Googled" my book. I almost fell out of my camp chair when she found my book. It is already available on Amazon for purchase. I can't believe it. They congratulated me for being a "published author". I don't know if I can really call myself an "author" for taking random pictures of the country side. Especially when a have a couple copycats. I don't consider them authors so I definitely don't consider myself an author.

At any rate, my book is on Amazon, go check it out, if you want. The Ebook version is available on for considerably less money. I'd probably buy that version if space were an issue, and money, and well, who really has coffee table books anymore anyway? All of our coffee tables are full of Ring lights and remote controls and tissue boxes and crumbs from last night's quesadilla take out from El Mariachi's.

thanks for sharing my excitement. however limited it is

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