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It’s proof.....I need to edit

I got my “real” proof in the mail yesterday and was disappointed. I was picturing this big, silky, shiny book of fabulous pictures and funny remarks. I mean, it is all those things. But, less impressive than I had imagined.

For starters, the photo I had chosen to grace the cover of my hardback version's dust cover is terribly pixelated. (look at that, using a term and sounding almost professional). My dust cover looks like an advertisement for Minecraft.

At some point while typing up the titles to my photos I must have hit the "BOLD" button because some of the print is BOLD and some of it is regular. So, I will have to go back and fix that.

Also, I can't imagine asking people to pay for this book. Pay for it with actual money. NO. Some of my friends have already told me they won't buy my book.

That's not really encouraging. AT ALL. I don't honestly intend to get rich off of my book, but it would be nice if the price of printing was slightly less. At the current purchase price I have not allowed for any "profit" on my behalf. It is simply the cost of the book itself.

I did some editing. My son and his wife pointed out I don't capitalize the first letter of the sentence. I have no idea why I mess that up. I changed the BOLD to regular type. I removed the questionable colored fonts. I changed some titles completely. Now my little experiment is back at the printer to be prepared to sell.

Maybe I'll just buy a dozen copies and give them to the people who have bugged me to write a book and move on to something less expensive.

I enjoy taking pictures. Here's how I do it. I am minding my own business, driving or walking along and "see" the view as a photo in a frame. I take the picture. I post it on Instagram with a goofy title and that's the end of the story. I think that's enough for me.

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