It’s autumn

If you aren’t from the Midwest you may not know the secrets to living in the heartland. Autumn is officially “check tire pressure season“.

when the temperature drops below 50* at night you may encounter the little “check tire pressure“ indicator the next morning. because, as we all know, heat causes air to expand and now the chill has called the expanded air to somewhere tropical, and it’s left your tires.

no problem. you have to go to Casey’s anyway to catch up on the latest news. go air up your tires, catch up on the local news, grab donuts for the work crew and you’re good as new.

“Check tire pressure“ season is also harvest here. again, if you’re not from here you will think our farmers are lazy, leaving all their supposedly “dead“ crops in the field. That stuff looks like a fire hazard! Right?

wrong, Our farmers aren’t lazy. Our farmers are intelligent. they’re allowing Mother Nature to do to the crops what she’s doing to your skin. Drying it to the bone. See, the crops need to be as dry as possible to be stored and or processed. If the farmers can allow the crops to dry naturally they’ll save a lot of money in drying fees from the elevator. A grain elevator isn’t like an elevator you get in at Macy’s. Its a massive workhorse. We can discuss That another time.

but back to your tire pressure light. this is a little indicator that you need to stock up on lotion too. Your skin is dry, your lips are dry, your house is dry. You need lip balm. You need hair conditioner. you need a humidifier.

you‘re ready now for autumn. And, if you got donuts for your work crew they like you a little more and that never hurts, does it?

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