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I’ve been MIA

This is what ten inches of snow looks like....apparently......while I’ve been on a sort of hiatus a lot has occurred. And most of it has been cold.

earlier this week I saw a news report that of the 48 contiguous (is that really how we say “all connected?”) states all but one has snow on the ground.

now, it’s February. we’re supposed to have snow on the ground. for some reason, in the Midwest, we get the bulk of our frozen precipitation when we’re at the end of our rope. it’s been dark and gloomy since October. there aren’t pretty leaves on the trees. There aren’t any leaves on the trees. Everything looks dead and our hope is beginning to die as well. and then mother nature sends us cold, wet, mean ice. sometimes, like this year, she sends us pretty snow. Sadly, this year, all the snow has been too cold to pack so we haven’t made snow men for the most part. BUT we can go sledding.

I haven’t gone sledding since I don’t have a sled and I don’t intend to pay for an orthopedic surgeon’s weekend trip to wine country.

I am incredibly clumsy on solid ground. Gravity wants me as close to it as quickly as possible. I can’t even manage shoes with one inch heels. Two steps and I’m on the ground.

I often wish a camera crew followed me around. I could fill a You Tube channel with my antics. One summer I went on vacation and sent post cards back to the office of all the places I fell down. Makes for good memories.

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