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I need my media manager stat

Updated: Oct 26, 2020


I’m not as intelligent as I’d like to be.

somehow I’ve deleted myself from my own website.

And, I’m not extremely motivated to fix it today.


I think I’ll be Oxman for awhile. maybe forever

I can’t really figure out how to put myself back on the website from here, on my phone, which my son and social media manager have told me to stop using for Blog posts BUT I don’t want to use my laptop all the time. and Would you like to know the stupid reason I don‘t like using my laptop? Because the chair I sit in to use my laptop hurts me. because I don’t have a computer chair and for some reason even tho it’s called a “laptop”

I don’t feel comfortable putting it on my lap.

now, I’m going to finish watching this movie that is really clear. so clear I can see all the actors‘ scars from plastic surgery which is INSANE!!!

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