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I miss you

I’m in the shower and hear,”How long will you be in there?”

”a while, I am taking a shower and then have to dry my hair”

”I need in there“

”why do you need in here? There’s water downstairs besides another bathroom“

”I just need in there“

”Are you sick?”

”no, I just need in there“

”you have indoor/outdoor plumbing. you don’t need this bathroom“

”what are you doing now?”

” I’m putting baby oil on my legs, do you really need a step by step explanation of my behavior?”

”it’s been so long since I’ve seen you. you’ve been in there forever“

”I’ve been in here ten minutes. you’ll live”

”now what are you doing!”

”I’m drying my hair. surely you can hear the hair dryer.”

”yes. I hear it. I hate that thing. Why do you use it?”

”because it’s cold outside and I don’t want to go outside with a wet head. It makes me chill. It’s official. I’ve turned into my grandmother. next I’ll be threatening children with a fly swatter.”

”what’s taking so long?”

”I’m almost finished“.

“then what will we do?”

”if it weren’t cold and raining I would suguest a waaaaaaaaummmmmmmmm I think we will hang out here at home“.

”Oh Good!!!!!! All day together!!”

Now I’ll get dressed and commence to my regular activities. thank you for joining me on another episode of “why did she go to the bathroom And lock me outside?”

brought to you by the neurotic mind of Fire Breathing Dragon and Sotireda.

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