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Hot chocolate

I was texting my bestie that I had drank hot chocolate to try to help my aching head when I heard familiar chime of my website being accessed. And that reminded me of the purpose of the website.

I’m supposed to write whatever to want and attach it to my gorgeous photos to try to have people buy my book. Hahahahahhahaha that’s funny.

but, since I wrote last I did receive an actual check for my book sales last year. let’s just say it was not monumental.

In fact, It didn’t have to be reported to my taxes.

I don’t think it was double digits.

But, I haven’t advertised it. And I haven’t even figured out how to put it on my website so you can buy it here.

it was an experiment.

and I was considering a follow up experiment this year....but I think I’ll wait. No one really wants a coffee table book when they’re trying to figure out if their team will get to March Madness.

the other purpose of my blog is to suspend reality. I live in the same world you do. But. We all need a break from these world. So, come here, look at photos of trees and fields and feel your sinuses clog up from the pollen. forget it’s whatever year it is. Drink some tea. Laugh at the girl who calls her dog a fire breathing dragon and refuses to drink hot beverages. the weird rebel girl who doesn’t like coffee in a world of Starbucks addicts.

which brings me back to the first sentence. I’ve been battling a sinus headache for days. With sinus headaches come dizziness and nausea. cuz I’m odd. I’m trying to ward off the lure of the tiny magic red pill (Sudafed.The real stuff that they need your drivers license for) as long as possible so I decided to try hot chocolate.

this was a huge decision. i loathe hot beverages. I like the smell of coffee. It is almost intoxicating. it is soothing and comforting and reminds me of my dad. but I despise the taste. and hot beverages....what exactly is the point?

here, take this scalding liquid and burn your tongue, throat, stomach lining With it. what’s the appeal exactly? I don’t like burning my mouth. I remember putting ice cubes in soup to cook it to be able to eat. we blow on hot food before we put it in our mouths. But scalding hot coffee everyone drinks like water.

the hot chocolate didn’t help my headache. it was so sweet I had to drink three glasses of water to dilute the sugar. nope. Not a fan. I’ll donate the ingredients to needy sugar deprived children.

be nice or I’ll find your children to donate to.

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