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Happy accident

So, I’m not sure what sort of photo to post with this sooooooooooo I’m going without a photo.

read on, it will become clear.

we have a new store in our town. The actual town I live in, not the imaginary one where everyone loves each other. this new store, a big discount warehouse type store, is, well, big. we have had a different big discount warehouse type store for many years but this one has excellent marketing.....and most of us haven‘t been in this store before so it’s a novelty.

also, let’s be real. We’ve all been locked up for going on six months and we are allowed to shop with masks o, six feet apart, so we’re taking advantage of this new place to look at, talk about, compare to the existing giant warehouse store.

not a lot has been happening around here since March 13th. Well, not a lot good. also, they tore down part of our shopping mall to build this store. so we have to investigate.

Now. I have a membership to this store, I have a membership to the other store. I RARELY shop at the other store so this store isn’t really thrilling to me.


I gave up my gym membership to the evil God, Covid19, and I don’t have a treadmill, so, I need somewhere to walk. And it’s rained everyday this week. it’s autumn, remember, it makes up for the summer end drought and harvest drying in autumn. So, I want to walk. And I already paid for a 12 month membership. So, I’m walking in the well lit, level ground, comfortably heated store. And while I’m there I might pick up a few necessities. this week I realized I needed something of a personal nature. now, I’m not sure how to discreetly discuss what I needed, let’s just say I have felt that is women are Always discussing the need to Stay free and therefore are a little obsessed with not running out of this product.

In this giant membership dependent warehouse store there is not a single product that will suit my needs.

well, there is one

but it isn't really the same product. it's more of a......ummmmmmmm.....product that Attends to your needs. a product that keeps you Poised for perfection. a product some people Depend on. catch my drift?


I supposed I could utilize this alternate product. what could it hurt? I use my product roughly 7 days a month.

how many are in this package? 106. ONE HUNDRED SIX. quick badly calculated math......106/7 is 15. I wouldn't have to purchase product for 15 months.

how much is this product compared to my product? well, at super mega membership dependent warehouse store this container of 106 is $9.. wait.....??????$9??????

so, 15 months divided by badly calculated math again is well, cents. it's cents. I will have my dreaded issue dealt with for pennies.


the package takes up a lot of room in the car

I call my friend..........hey.........remember last month when you were emptying your pool? I think next year we will just throw in a container of these things and BOOM! problem solved.

106. ok, here we go.

I will come back in 15 months to get another container.

(turns out it was a "special deal" because the super mega gigantic membership dependent warehouse store had just opened. it went to it's regular price of $17 later in the year)

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