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Foolishness and sleeplessness

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I just spent 20 minutes lying awake in bed thinking the electricity had gone out. I was asleep. I think. I can’t be sure. I am only sure I was hearing sounds. I don’t like hearing sounds when I’m trying to sleep. This is why I have a fan running In my bedroom whenever I’m trying to sleep. A loud fan.

Actually, the fan is almost always on. I don’t like the lack of white noise in my life. I recently walked into my bedroom and the fan wasn’t on and I started to think someone had broken into my house and turned off my fan.

I was warm in the downstairs living room and turned on a fan there and found it too quiet without it and left that one on. I eventually turned it off only because I couldn’t hear anyone speaking on the phone. Back to tonight.

I was wondering to myself how long before electricity would be restored when I looked out my window. my neighbors all had lights on. Look At them reveling in their electricity when I’m wasting away over here. wait a minute...... my outside lights are on! I can see them from my window.

check my useless clock radio

alarm clock. Yes. Still beaming a completely incorrect time in its green LED glow. so the fan had finally turned in its keys. thankfully I keep an emergency back up fan just for this occasion. Remove from box, plug in. Back in business. I’ll have to hold services for my faithful bedroom fan later today. and order another emergency back up fan. I really can’t allow this to happen again and not be prepared .

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