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Excitement and disappointment

There might be no other email to receive than "Your book will be delivered today". That lovely announcement was in my email today. I excitedly started to call my friends to say, ”The wait is over l!!” But, then, I realized it wasn’t as exciting as I had thought it would be. This book is my first “proof”. I've learned that a "proof" is a "practice book". A proof is helpful, but not exactly a finished product. My first “proof” is a 9x9 square book of landscape photos I had made with my phone.

I found the book on my doorstep and opened the cardboard wrapping hesitantly. I was so afraid of the disappointment. I had been waiting for this book for an eternity (two weeks).

This tiny book tells me I need to change the font, include more photos and maybe tell more of a little story with my titles.

All this means more work.

I don’t want more work.

I want to sit down for a few minutes, tap a few keys and BOOM!!! Out pops a masterpiece from my computer printer. I don't want this reality of not being satisfied with my half attempt in the parking lot of a home improvement store on a rainy afternoon, and then waiting, and waiting and waiting. And then someday my book will trickle into Amazon and people will have no idea where to find it and will have lost all desire to see pictures of pastures and sunsets. they’ll have moved on to more pictures of Queen Elizabeth’s lunch choices and which rapper went swimming with sharks.

ok. Here I go.

let's go to work

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