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disappointment consumes us.........

FBD grumbles. "what's wrong buddy"?

"This is the worst Bark Box I have ever gotten"!

"That is probably because this isn't a Bark Box. This is a box of my new uniforms for work"

"WORK", he exclaimed with horror.

"yes, I am going back to work. not the old work, a new work. but I will be gone during the day again"

"and night. and everyday. and every night. and you'll smell weird. and you will stop smiling. and I don't want you to go back to work"

"I'm not going back to that work ever. if this work turns into that work I will leave. I promise."

"why are you going back to work"?

"I didn't manage my resources well. I made some mistakes, as much as I love you, I need to be around other humans. I'm not around other humans most of the time now. it is making me weird." "I don't want you to go. it makes me scared" "you know what? it makes me scared too. But we have to try and be brave together. ok?"

"ok. if you get weird I'll bite you"

"if you bite me you'll never get another Bark Box again"

"ok. I won't bite. I'll pee on your bed"

"well, I suppose we can live with that warning system"

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