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Add a Catchy Title

it says "add a catchy title". well, I can't think of a catchy title. I don't like this idea of "branding me". it reminds me of where "Brand" came from. take a shaped piece of metal, stick it into the fire until it is hot enough to sear the shape into flesh. apply red hot shaped metal onto flesh. and now I am supposed to "brand" myself. nah. I'll pass. Paris Hilton is "rebranding herself". well. that's terrible.

so. here's the deal

I'm grouchy today.

I hurt my ankle at my social media manager's house yesterday and I can't walk without pain. actually, sitting here, it hurts. my foot hurts. and it's a pretty day outside. but I won't go outside because my foot hurts.

so, I'm sitting inside, on a pretty day, which are few and far between, thinking about branding myself.


reminds me of the movie City Slickers.

I liked that movie. and I am old enough to remember seeing it in the theater.

and laughing myself sick.

oh that was a fun time.

it was at The Thunderbird. a campus movie theater, one screen, unusual as it had parking across the street.

same theater where I saw Silence of the Lambs and decided there and then to become rail thin because the bad guy liked chubby girls. (if that's a spoiler to you then you have had a really sheltered existence because that movie is over 30 years old)

where was I? oh yes, branding myself.

and City Slickers.

oh, and I failed at my endeavor to become rail thin.

ahhhhhhhh another thing to beat myself up about next time I can't sleep at night.

so, I hurt my ankle at my social media manager's house, the one with the free range cats.

I hurt it but doing NOTHING. I have now reached a point in my life where I can hurt myself by existing. how does that happen? when you're a child you can fall downstairs in a walker made of 6 bicycle spokes, a plastic plate and 6 wheels and you're fine (my brother actually did this. I need to find a picture of that walker now). now, as an adult, I am sitting still, minding my own business, exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide and I hurt my ankle.

here's his walker

not a scratch. but then again, he is a Superman.

he never ceases to impress me.

no, you don't get a picture of him. I don't even know you.

I wanted to talk about something else. for example, I was perusing other blogs and I am a little disappointed by the new company I'm in.

it's not exactly life saving, but, maybe it's entertaining.

I'm going to go get some iced tea. have a good day everyone

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