Aaaaand it didn’t work

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I wrote a post and scheduled it to post today and it didn’t work. this displeases me. I’m sure it’s my fault. but. Still displeased.

I had written that my son and daughter in law are panicked with the words,”I’m at the doctor” or “I have hurt myself“.

I know part of it is because they are faced with my potential demise. I have assured them repeatedly that I intend to live forever, but, they have doubts. silly doubts built entirely on reality and experience with the frailty of the human Body. I pity them. there is no room in my world for this sort reality at this moment.

because this life is hard. And it’s getting harder everyday. so. If you haven’t noticed, I try to stay positive. and that’s really the purpose of this blog and my books and my pictures.

I admit, I get negative. but I fight it, like a gladiator. because when everything is negative you have to fight every minute, everyday. you have to force room for the sunlight and flowers and smiling. you have to soak up all the puppies and good tasting iced tea and days at the beach like medicine.

so, I take pictures of peaceful barns and pastures and skies to give you a respite from the bleak existence you might be experiencing.

so, stop by, read some silly words. take deep breaths and immerse yourself in the pictures and eventually go to Amazon and buy the books to look at in your bathroom. they’re supposed to be coffee table books but I use my bathroom as my private getaway. candles, exhaust fan, good smells of bath soap and pretty pictures. if you looked at my pictures in the bath and pictured yourself in these fields, on these roads with the wind blowing your hair and hear the hawks crying overhead is be so happy. I am, of course, picturing you completely dressed somehow in this bath situation. lets not be perverted. if I had my choice every Bathroom would have a chaise lounge, pillows And fluffy rugs on the floor. maybe This is actually a bedroom I’m picturing. Oh well, welcome to the show. it’s nice here. I promise. ok. Now to post before this gets lost in cyberspace

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