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Hello, I'm sotireda
I'm tired, my friends and family are tired. this world is so stressful and everyday is difficult. now, in my spare time I take landscape pictures, and I make up stories to go with them. I also make up stories about nature, animals, imaginary people. You know, the usual. My friends and family like my photos so much they have urged me to make a coffee table book. Eventually, you will be able to purchase my pictures, but, in the meantime,  I would be honored if you would come to this site for a reprieve. look at some pretty pictures. read some (hopefully) funny stories, feel the wind blow through the pictures into your home. did you light a candle yet? you need a candle. a good smelling candle. relax, put your feet up, get a throw and get cozy. just sip some iced tea and relax at home in the heartland. 
I'm FireBreathingDragon

I'm sotireda's bouncer, bodyguard. I breathe fire. I protect her with my life. she goes everywhere with me. 

it's alllllllll good as long as I get treats

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